Maximum Number of Entrants - 3500 NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN.

        I accept that the Race Director has the right to refuse or cancel my entry

without explanation.

You are running at your own risk. MOBILE NUMBER We must have your mobile number if you want your finishing time texting to you on the day AND if you want to enter the spot prize competition. No Mobile Number ....... No Texted Time & No Prizes Note: your number will NOT be passed on to any other external party.  COURSE The race is NOT totally traffic free although it is marshalled and road closures are in place at the start and most of the route is on closed roads. The Race is run on tarmac (Pavement & Road) it is NOT run on the beach  EARPHONES, IPHONE & MP3 Players etc......

Under UK athletics rules the answer is "No" they are not allowed.                           

There are areas where you are close to traffic,

You cannot run using earphones (of any sort) or any other device that will impeed your hearing of surrounding sounds or voices.….Sorry !   WATER Water is available at 5k mark and at the finish. MEDICAL AND IMPAIRMENTS If you have a medical condition or impairment that you wish to advise the race organisers of, then you must email the Race Director with the details, using the link on the homepage. All runners are welcome, If you are a blind or visually impaired runner your guide can enter without charge (but no tee shirt or medal for the guide), but please contact us directly to arrange this  (The VI runner goes through the normal entry process, but please do not go through the online entry system for the guide runner) Sorry but we will not source or provide guides for visually impaired runners. Wheelchair athletes are of course most welcome, but should also advise us of any special requirements by separate communication (email the race director) We will do anything we can to help you on the day DEFERS If you enter and find you cannot run you may defer, BUT PLEASE NOTE The defer system has changed and to re-instate your place at Mad Dog 10 there will now be an admin charge of £12 View FAQ HERE OUR ENTRY SYSTEM COMPLIES WITH THE NEW DATA PROTECTION RULES Data Protection: If you do not wish any details to be passed to the chip timing company etc, then please email us but in such cases your result will not be recorded. We do not pass your details to any third party outside the event. If you do not want any photos taken of you on the day to be published then please contact us immediately after the event (within 24 hours) CHANGES TO ENTRIES No online alterations are possible after 10th Dec 2018 Entries close 10th Dec latest or when we are full (we will probably be full within in days of opening) Transfer of your entry to another runner  before 10th Dec costs £2.50 Changes to entries (but not transfer) can still be made BEFORE 1st Jan 2019. (But between 10th Dec and 1st Jan you have to contact us, you can’t do it online) After 1st Jan 2019 no alterations of any sort are possible. If you enter online and arrive on the day without your chip or number a £15 GBP surcharge will be made. This is for cancellation & re-registration. All numbers will be posted out within 10 days of the race. If you have not received your number 5 days prior to the race please advise the race director no charge will be made for the replacement of numbers lost in the post but only if the loss is notified to the Race Director prior to the day of the event CHANGES See our FAQ page for how to substitute, change address etc WE CAN CHANGE NOTHING AT ALL AFTER 1st JANUARY because we will be posting out numbers and the lists are sealed. YOUR DECLARATION: I understand that an online entry will be considered as my acceptance of governing body rules and a declaration that I will compete on foot and run entirely at my own risk. N.B. I agree that no accompanying dogs or following cycles are allowed. Age Limits: I will be over the age of 16 on race day. (Crazy Pups Race is open to all children under 16) I declare that I am an amateur by UKA laws and that I am fit to run. I do not hold the race organiser responsible for any injury or loss I accept that the acceptance of my entry is at the discretion of the race director.

I agree that the Race Director has the right to refuse or cancel my entry without


I understand & agree that the final decision as to whether or not the race will go ahead on the day is that of the Race Director & Race Adjudicator only. NO REFUNDS Note: I accept that Entry fees are non-refundable if the race is cancelled (on the day) by the Race Referee due to adverse weather conditions or other threats. Crazy Pups Race starts 10.00 3rd Feb 2019 Chariot Racers start at 10:30 3rd Feb 2019 Mad Dog 10K starts 10.40 3rd Feb 2019 You can enter only if you totally accept these T&Cs If you do not totally accept them you must not enter the race  REMEMBER … Your Tee Shirt/Vest/socks request is a REQUEST not an order. We will do our best to supply your shirt/vest in your size but CANNOT guarantee it …….. They are all subject to stock availability- Collect them early

Our Rules, Terms and Conditions of Entry are Below

You can only enter after accepting our T&C’s