Round Table Registered Charity Number 1054120 – Southport Hesketh Round Table – UKA Affiliation Number 2662979 Course Measurement Certificate 12/298 – Race Licence Number – 2020-39273
THE PLAN When we put together a race like this there are two different types of costs, firstly fixed costs on the day, secondly; costs of goodybags, t-shirts, medals and associated runner merchandise. Because everybody volunteers, we do not feel that we would have the same support if we reschedule the event for this year. A lot of emotional energy goes into this event, and we cannot abuse the goodwill of the volunteers or organisers. So, we have decided that Mad Dog 10 will take place in February 2021, and everybody who entered this year will be given the opportunity to enter again for next year, at a heavily discounted entry reinstatement fee circa £20- £22 (This is yet to be decided based on precise cost calculations). This year’s entrants will be given a ‘guaranteed entry’ to 2021 and the reduced cost of entry next year will only reflect the fixed costs that we incur on the day, plus a charity margin (e.g. Road closures, police, fencing, toilets, generator hire, live acts on the course, chip timing, postage, event licensing, venue hire, bib printing, stationary, signage, race licences, buses, volunteer group donations, van hire, security guards, car parking costs, etc). The cost of entry will be discounted because we already have the items for the goody bags, the medals, and amazing t-shirts. (Please note: We intend to use this year’s medals and T-shirts next year).
UPDATE STATEMENT: MAD DOG 10 has been re-scheduled for February 2021 “Jurassic Bark (Made it this time!)”
CONSIDERATIONS T-SHIRTS & VESTS - We have 3,300 amazing t-shirts and vests in the sizes requested by the current field. To dispose of them would be an environmental disaster and the current entrants deserve the opportunity to enter again at the minimum cost possible therefore saving them for 2021 was our best option. MEDALS - We have 33,00 medals, we cannot throw them out either so we plan to use these for 2021. GOODY BAGS - The Goody bags are already covered in your last entry fee. To post out Goody bags (without perishables) plus t-shirts would be approx. £4.50 - £5.00 each = over £14,500 which I would personally have to pay out of my own pocket as I personally underwrite this event). RE-SCHEDULE MD10 LATER IN 2020 - If we tried to re-arrange we have a minimum of 12-15 weeks planning and road closure requests, not possible. EVENT BASE (Stanley High School) - Stanley High School is fully booked each weekend until the end of the year. Julie finishes working at the end of March, starting again in September. VOLUNTEERS - I cannot call on volunteers to do it all again so soon, we all have event fatigue. ENTRIES TO MD10 In October 2020: All this year’s entrants will be sent a ‘guaranteed entry’ via email and will have the chance to enter Mad Dog 10 (in a window of, say 6 weeks from early October). Remaining entries will be opened up to other runners at FULL PRICE end October/ November. Defers from 2020 to 2021 will be treated as normal (see FAQ page). We have to have one approach, and one decision, we cannot have different solutions for different people. After considering everything we feel this is the best solution, and trust you will agree. #ONE PACK #ONE PURPOSE Woof Woof Adrian & Julie, Wal, Wendy, all the Round Table and The Kennel Team