Mad Dog 8

Hairy Potter

and the Half Bred Pup

Voted the best 10K in the UK ….AGAIN ! (THANK YOU!) Again this year there were loads of lovely comments, many on Facebook and Twitter but as usual loads of lovely emails. When you have organised the Mad Dog the post race feedback is so nice, especially when you are in the “Never again mood” Not one post race complaint and not one bad email…From 3000 entrants! Thanks so much to all who posted, tweeted and emails, Runners! you gotta love em!! Below is a really small selection from Mad Dogs old and new ……… This really is just a VERY SMALL SELECTION of what the Mad Dog team received ……
Feedback Mad Dog 8
Massive thank you to Adrian, all the volunteers, marshals and singers for a brilliant, awesome event!! Really enjoyed it and thank you for the best doggy bag ever. The icing on the cake was to have the lovely and inspirational Jo Pavey setting us off. So happy to be a member of the mad dog army , hope I'm lucky enough to do it next year x AL Facebook  Truly amazing day!!!! The communication with organisers is great, they build this atmosphere up and you really can't wait to go and run it!!!! My first time running Mad Dog and hopefully not the last! My son & I had the best day! And if it wasn't for my friend telling me to join I wouldn't be there today!  Thank you Miriam and thank you to all at Mad Dog quarters. A B-M Facebook  Excellent day and excellent race! Added my medal to the other 5!! Thanks for everything- enjoy a rest before MD9! Xx JJ (Email)  Good morning Adrian, What can I say apart from a big thank you for a great event, medal and goody bag. Didn’t get my XXL t-shirt as there were none left was given an xl instead. A few more runs and I should get into it  As you know we travelled from the Scottish Borders, and on Friday night stayed just outside Lancaster and had an early start on Sunday which seemed a treck to get to the parking area, on the bus and to the start. We both started at the back and off we went. Very much enjoyed the route with the entertainment en route. Was just over the hour so quite happy – lost time stopping for a drink and a toilet stop. Collected medal, water and an orange which was wonderful at the end. A bite to eat in a local pub not far from Southport and then back onto the M6/A7. Home by 4.30pm . We travelled over 3 hours if you need details about race entrants and if we are lucky enough to get an entry next year we will make it a weekend in Southport and possibly travel by train from Carlisle. The goodie bag…must be the best ever I have received having had time to take in everything we reveived. The running belt that lights up, these look great and so useful. You event has had our vote in the 2018 Running Awards for Best 10K Please keep me posted on 2019 entry dates as I would very much like to run it next year Well done to you and your team for a great event, hope it was a good one for you all. Best regards AL Email  All I have to say is…WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!! You have created a monster that’s what! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you smashed it out of the park again!! It felt all a bit mental at the school with so many people milling around and everywhere was crowded but in a strange way it was calm and it worked! (apparently the urinals were the best thing ever, not my comment as you can imagine!!) It was yet another unbelievably wonderful day, your marshals out on the course were immense, the cadets were fab, the goody Bag has now taken on legendary status, everything from start to finish was top class (thanks for ordering that weather, it was much better than in recent years!) we are still buzzing in our house! My friend who has a 6 am club (she’s barking!) was thrilled to have Tony’s flashing running belt donated to her when we ran this morning, the MD love gets spread far and wide! One thing I thought I should mention is that apparently the position of the podium was a problem (and this is the same other years) as the sun is behind it and the photographers couldn’t get a decent photo? Not sure if you’ve had this feedback or not so thought I’d mention it  Having had a small insight with organising our club race for the first time last year, we are all in absolute awe of you and the team. Huge, massive congratulations you are beyond amazing,  roll on next year but hopefully you get some ‘rest’ in-between!! Cheers, woof, woof! CB Email  Am I the only one who plans my annual work leave allowance around this race? I spend my time ensuring I have days to take in case my work do not honour time off on the sacred weekend that is Mad Dog 10k.  Anyone else in this situation every year? There I’ve admitted it. My life does revolve around running... N M Facebook   Hi Adrian Such an amazing event! I’ve just got home from Maddog 8 and had to email to say thanks for putting on such an amazing event! I absolutely LOVED it. It was so well organised and the support around the course was brilliant. As a runner, I really couldn’t have asked for anything more. Well done to all involved. Fab route and amazing support from everyone. A real credit to the running community.  Thanks! O H (email)  Firstly can I just say a huge thank you to you and your team for what was an amazingly organised race.  The atmosphere today was electric and the marshals bless them did an amazing job at cheering and encouraging each and every runner.  Total respect for you all. Secondly, I wanted to say a huge thank you for sorting the speaker systems out.  It was wonderful to be so far at the back yet still be able to hear all that was going on at the front.  This really did make my day when I saw that you’d been able to get this sorted at such short notice. I’m sure you, and all your team, will sleep tonight!!! Once again a huge thank you and well done to each and every one of you, top job.  ML (email)  Hi  I just want to take this opportunity to thank you Adrian and Wendy , and everyone involved in this great event.  It was very well organised , I already can’t wait for the next Maddog next year.  Well done amazing race . Fab t shirt, medal and goody bag.  I can’t thank you enough  Kind regards  R W (email)   Can I just say a BIG thanks for the Mad Dog run today. It was once more an awesome event. Will you please pass on my thanks to all of the volunteers who were brilliant. BIG BIG thanks for letting me run it and I look forward to next years Mad Dog 10k run. Thanks and hope you’re having some truly deserved liquid refreshment in your bowl  SG (email)  I’ve sat for two days reading the thank you messages to Adrian, Wendy and his team, this is just another to add to the list. (Sorry that this is the first opportunity I have had to say thank you!)It’s clear to see why you guys win awards, from start to finish its spot on! The communication from signing up to the race itself can’t be faulted, the pre race emails giving us information and motivation are fantastic. I live right on top of the race course so see first hand how much work goes into setting up on the day let alone the months before!!!! On the day the marshals were so motivational, I have to say for me the cadets on the last leg made me well up, this was the first 10k I’d done after a long time out, being cheered on with such emotion by these guys was amazing!Like others on here it angers me that there is any bad feeling or anger towards the organisers of this amazing event and feel that they don’t deserve to be part of our mad dog army! One final thanks again to Adrian and his amazing team but special thank you to top dog Wendy, your amazing lady  GP  Facebook   Adrian - mad dog 10k is by far the BEST and fun 10k in the northwest. its fantastically organized, supported and entertained. i absolutely love the doggy bag every year and the treats gets better too. My favourite is the rucksack which i use every day for work. Am proud to be part of the mad dog 10k runners! big congrats to you all on yet another amazing mad dog 10k  CMO Facebook  Hi Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday. Thanks so much for all the work that must have gone into organising the event and a big thank you to all the marshals and the entertainers along the way who made it such fun. When can I register for next year?!  DB (email)  Hi Adrian Just arrived back from a very enjoyable weekend in Southport again. What can I say about The Mad Dog 10k that I haven’t said before? It was just fantastic as per usual so a massive massive thanks to EVERYBODY involved no matter what role they volunteered, and many many thanks to yourself and Wendy who was more than helpful when my family and I encountered the "blip" at registration. Once again THANK YOU all Here's to next year Kind regards p.s. the Doggy Bag was even BIGGER!!!!!  SP (email)  This is the best 10k ever, best organisers ,best volunteers ,best group singer ,best choir ,just the best including Elvis  CT Facebook  A huge thank is going out to everyone who helped make Sunday a wonderful day. But a single shout out has to go to Wendy the Woofer, who I believe gets quite a lot of bad dog phone calls, email etc. Thanks Wendy you're a star. Xxx  PC Facebook  Hi, Rather than put a post on fb I thought it would mean more by emailing you to congratulate you on another superb Mad dog. I was in two minds whether to make the journey due to a sleepless Saturday night and the fact hubby deferred but I'm glad I got my butt out of bed and ran. As always the organisation was amazing and so was the goody bag. I will make sure I'm online ready to enter next year especially as hubby will be running. Thank you again to you and your team. Woof woof  T O’B Email   Hi Adrian, just wanted to thank you again for squeezing me in to the race and for putting on such a fabulous event. I had always wondered what all the fuss was about, now I know. A Friend talked me into it and I'm so glad he did. It was definitely the best race I've taken part in and I'm looking forward to next year's now.  All the bands and singers were wonderful, and I got a fantastic new pb. Thanks so much to you and all the team behind the scenes.  SS Email  The Mrs won't stop banging on about the goodie bag from today. Said it’s the best she's ever seen! Today was her 52nd medal too. She loved her weekend away and a great time to start the year. #seasonpb  AN Twitter  To Adrian and team, Thank you! A fantastic day, a fantastic event, great organisation, amazing supporters and bands. Everything you and your team do the months leading up to the big day is greatly appreciated- see you next year!  AP Facebook  We travelled from GREAT Yarmouth today for our first mad dog on recommendation from my sister in law (name removed) And today didn't disappoint my boys loved crazy pups and we loved the whole event thank you to everyone today, the Marshalls support people the singer's other runners and organisers. Two Pbs for both my husband and myself we are on our way home a 6 hour drive but Mad Dog we back thanks again xxx  CR Facebook  it was fantastic so well organised and great was ny first time and would definitely return. lovely people and fantastic event. Southports a great place to race! AM Facebook  Hi Adrian and Wendy,  Just want to add my thank you to all the other messages you have had. It was my 5th Mad Dog, this year accompanied by about 25 members of my running club Marple Runners. For lots of them it was their first Mad Dog and they were overwhelmed by the brilliant organisation, fantastic marshals and of course the legendary doggy bag.  I would just like to add how much I LOVE my vest. I have a cupboard full of race tshirts I hardly ever wear (apart from the Mad Dog ones obvs! ��) and it’s just so brilliant to have a vest for a change, especially one which is an extremely flattering fit��  I hope you know how much everyone appreciates the hard work of you and your team, and I hope you enjoy a well earned rest over the next few months.  Until next time....  Lots of love, MR Email  Amazing event for all the family , my daughter who has just turned 3s first event and they loved it. I did the 10k amazing support , superb organisation and great goodies! Volunteers and organisers deserve a lot of credit  KM Facebook  Inspirational to have Jo Pavey start the event. Lovely coastal route, well organised and worth the entry fee for the goody bag alone  CG Facebook  This was our 1st time at Mad Dog. My 3 year old William had the best time doing the Crazy Pups funrun, despite doing it with a streaming cold, he even ran some of it holding the paw of the one and only Crazy Pup! Then I did the 10K, amazing atmosphere, everybody was just so friendly and offered so much encouragement along the beautiful coastal scenic route. Will definitely be doing this again  Pw Facebook  I loved it, first time running and just fantastic run. The organisation was bob on, coaches, Marshalling and the goody bag was awesome!!!! Lived every minute and can't wait to do again. The entertainment roadside was Brill too. 20/10!!!! Woof woof from a happy husky  MS Facebook  My little one has been to the mad dog every year of her life but took part in the Crazy Pups for the first time this year. She's been excited for weeks and was so proud of herself when she finished.Love the mad dog - Fab atmosphere!  JY Facebook  It’s the best 10k , I loved everything about it, great course, loved the singers and the choir and the drums they got me round the course. The goody bag is out of this world. Thank you to all the Marshalls on route who cheered and hi  five us runners as we passed. Thank you everyone  SA Facebook  I have gone along to support my daughter and other mad dogs for the past 4 years. Its a brilliantly organised run and the atmosphere is amazing. It gets bigger and the goody bags get better each year. Well done to Adrian and his team  AG Facebook  One of the best races I've ever entered; fantastically organised; nothing can be improved upon; even the weather was perfect. The amount of effort and commitment from the organisers and volunteers is second to none. Loved every minute x  KM Facebook  Crazy times! Neil & I found out about this race when we went to Preston parkrun 14/04/17 & the core team waxed lyrical about it! It was a brilliant race & well worth traveling from South London. Can see why it’s being voted best 10k so many times. Fun, well organised, fab ‘doggy’ bag, fast ‘n’ flat resulting in new Seasons Best times - what’s not to love  RE Facebook
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