Mad Dog #4

We've had another great year and even more great feedback!!!Rated 98% on Runners World (click link).... It doesn't get much better! We received hundreds of lovely emails (THANKS GUYS!) and not one bad email amongst them, Runners are such nice people !! Below are a few extracts, and just a small selection of some of the comments ..... AND WE WERE VOTED BEST 10K IN THE UK TOO! (click link for video) Thank you to all who took the time to email me These really are just a very small selection of email comments..... Sorry we're not on facebook or anything and I'm not sure if this is the right email address but just wanted to say thank you for organising such a great race today. I must admit that I wasn't looking forward to it when i got up and saw the weather but the great organisation made it all worthwhile. Thank you so much to all the volunteers who braved the weather to help and also for the weeks of planning for this event. The marshalls and bands were a fantastic support. The only thing that you hadn't organised was the wind! Well done and I hope you've made lots of money for your chosen charities. I've voted for you for the best 10k, hope you win! Pauline & Tony Hi Adrian This was my first mad dog race and I just want to commend you on the excellent organisation of today's race. I was slightly dubious about the parking after reading previous comments but it was all very smooth and quick on the buses. The organisation at the school was impeccable and baggage storage was quick and easy. The Marshalls also deserve a medal as well as the entertainment. I'm looking forward to next year. ThanksJoanneHi thereJust wanted to say how nuch I enjoyed today's event and to thank you so much for all the organisation that goes behind such a seamless operation!! It was my first event and today has got me hooked...can't wait fir MadDog 5 Thanks again! Emma x Hello Adrian, fantastic race today. I was really impressed with the organisation, especially the big improvements with the park 'n ride, great music, and impressive doggy bag.Too many pluses to mention and from me, overall, a tremendous effort by your team. Thank you.Ron (60+winner)Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in organising and supporting today's fantastic event. This was my first maddog 10k and I travelled from Edinburgh especially to take part. I wasn't disappointed. Everything worked like clockwork and organisation was second to none. Everyone was friendly and helpful and the on course support and entertainment was fantastic. This is one of the best races I've ever taken part in and will be back.Best of all, after 4 months of injury, I was able to run the whole course slowly without stopping or walking and was pain-free, so this will mark the beginning of my journey back to full fitness.Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved in such a hugely successful event. RegardsS haron (happy mongrel) Hi Adrian, A big thank you to you and all your organisers. A great race on Sunday exceptionally well run ( no pun intended) As usual the t-shirt, medal and goodie bag were fab ? The Marshalls and entertainment on the way round gave everyone a much needed boost ( had to laugh at the guy telling us the wind would now be our best friend when we turned) and watching Elvis wrestle to keep his wig on was great.I am sure everyone will say how much all your efforts are appreciated and that of all your helpers ? Thanks once again. Helen X P.s as someone said don't hire the wind machine next year! Thank you so much for another fantastic Mad dog. It was a bit testing with the wind, but as usual, i loved it.Also, a big thankyou to all those lovely folks who were stood out in that weather for ages.....Maybe they are a little bit more mad that us crazy canines.A gain thankyou to everyone, cant wait for the next one. James Yesterday was my first Mad Dog race and I just want to feed back what an excellent event it was. The organisation was superb, facilities great and Marshalls just brilliant even in the horrible conditions. A big thank you to the bands and singers they made it all very enjoyable. It is the best event I have done. You all do a great job, thank you. I will be back. Julie Hi Just wanted to say I ran the mad dog for the 1st time yesterday and really enjoyed the set up and organisation. Also managed to knock 2 minutes off my PB .Thanks for running such an excellent event. See you next year. From Rich Adrian, Excellent! Myself along with my Yorkshire based canine pals really enjoyed ourselves in very tough conditions. We also loved the fact that the event was expertly organised and we were able to get on our way without any fuss after the event. Some of us were rather wet and dirty however, and had to be toweled down when we got in by our owners.I look forward to next years Mad Dog 5 'Lord of the fleas' and the chance to touch noses and wag our tails again. Woof woof. Nigel 'Alpha Male' of the Yorkshire terriers pack! Hi Adrian I would like to express my thanks for a really enjoyable race on Sunday - thanks again for the late entry.Great organisation, cheery organisers, brilliant music all around the course and even for arranging for the sun to come out at the right time.Will make sure we enter in plenty of time for next year! Cheers Martin and Tom I was a newbie to the Mad Dog 10k and I have to be frank, after the first 3k I felt like giving up! Those pesky winds! Actually took my breath away. But with a lot of encouragement from the bands and supporters and the wonderful marshalls I did complete under one hour! So THANK YOU!! a fab 10k! So, Adrian, thank you and all your support for a difficult but most pleasurable run (in the end)! Collette Hello, It was my first mad dog and I want to say how impressed I was with how well it was organised - from the informative emails to the buses taking us to the start. Even the winds on the sea front didn't put a damper on a great race. Hope to see you in 2015. Thanks again, Tina Fantastic event again... Really well organised, brilliant t-shirts, medals and personalised doggy goody bags :) Love this race See you next year - Zoe Just a wonderful perfect day...Your staff were incredible..An inspirational experience and I beat my husband by 0.01 sec!!?????? Only sorry Adrian you and your pups aren't running the Enviromental agency and the Nhs!! Hope to see you next year all being well xxxCatrin Adrian I would like to add my congratulations to you & everyone concerned for organising a fantastic event!I was both a 10k & mad dog virgin before yesterday, but the losing of my canine virginity was as good as could be imagined ... the months of training paid off, & despite the atrocious weather I managed 53:14, a time that made an old dog very happy. All things being equal, I'd love to do it all again & hope that the force remains with you in doing likewise.Take the pawdits, organiser !!regards, rog Adrian,I have previously done Manchester & Salford 10k races, this is easily the best. From another point I reside almost on the start line in Marshside and was especially impressed at how quickly Marshside Road was cleaned up straight after the race. Thanks Mike Hey Adrian, just want to drop a note to say Maddog was my 1st event ever and I was really impressed with how well it was organised. I really appreciated the live music round the circuit- you have set a very high standard of what I expect for my next event! Kids loved the pups run too, again a first for them and I'm sure it won't b their last. Next year you need to curb that wind! ;)Maria
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