Kim Taylor at the colosseum in Rome
Round Table Registered Charity Number 1054120  - Southport Hesketh Round Table UKA Affiliation Number  2662979 - Course measurement Certificate 12/298 - Race Licence Number - 2018 -PENDING 
Each year we have a competition to see where Mad Dogs can take their shirts! This year the prize is £100 of Amazon vouchers for the winner


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Brought to you by 
Southport Hesketh Round Table
With all proceeds donated to local charities 
Please send us your pictures using the link below, They can be of your Mad Dog shirt ….ANYWHERE AT ALL! Last year (Mad Dog 007) Simon Rushton won first place (£100) with Kim Taylor coming second (£50) both shown opposite
Below are the entries for 2018 (Mad Dog 8) so far, please email me your picture with your name and a short narrative
Simon Rushton