Round Table Registered Charity Number 1054120 – Southport Hesketh Round Table – UKA Affiliation Number 2662979 Course Measurement Certificate 12/298 – Race Licence Number – 2021-41164
Thank you for keeping us howling!
Here are all the competition entries…
Robert Taylor "Gerroff, itsth my thtick you weird looking dog."
Claire Williams ‘I aint running, too cosy here.’	  Marie Wallace  ‘He even loves running’  Charlie Platts       Chris Boles ‘Millie posing’  Chloe Whittle  Amanda Mitchell  "Do you think any-one-saurus running?"   Lynn Smith I’m not impressed says Mercy!  So much for my street cred as a German Shepherd!  Lee Hodges ‘Salty dog’  Marie Wallace  ‘Wauzer loves his boat rides’  Nicola Jermaine Jones  ‘Just chilling’  Simon Halpin ‘Holly race day ready’  Paul Warrington Hector and his new balancing trick  Baljit Watson ‘Jack the cat’ Deborah Tills Karen Offord  ‘You said find a step and stretch!’  Melanie Hinchcliffe ‘ Too lazy to run’ Joanne McDougall  Sadly we lost Bella our ‘Mad Dog’ last year during  lockdown but our new ‘Crazy Pup’ Trixie is ready  and raring to go to join the Maddog Pack!   Jill Josh  Our little Emm, dressed up and raring  to go!  Elize Breeze 'I'm 7 month old Brodie ready for the start  line! Woof!’   Mel Pinnington ‘Never been a daddy so was trying out the  mummy costume.’  Joanne Williams Mad Dog Baxter Beagle Dilemmas!  He's going to be cheering me on but  can't decide glasses or no glasses?  Laura Renke  ‘cheese’  ‘Sultan the wolf’  Maggie Slammin  Nikki Horner  Donna Smith
‘Mad Pets’
‘Best Photo’
Joanne Pagent
Donna Smith
Bryan Forth and Charles Commins
Beckie Western ‘running for two!’
Laura Renke ‘Mad Dog Newbie’
Nigel Sheppard and Leigh Steere
Debbie Kirkman ‘Covid-safe selfie’
Ruth Sargent ‘Monika and I had a bit of fun with our Mad Dog route this morning!’
Ben Sharples ‘Tyrannosaurus Wrecked’
Adam and Carole Bull
Natasha Mather ‘muzzled’
Maxwell Mather ‘Crazy Pup’
Alice Graves Morris
Kelly Mitchell Thank you Mad Dog for motivating me to get back out at this terrible time.
Nicola Jermaine-Jones Me and my Pack we walked/ran as a team to complete the 10km, so this was a family achievement.
Miriam Eaton Well that was a lonely, wet, soggy, freezing run, but kept running as a T-rex with attitude was on my tail! Thanks for keeping us all going. I really missed the cadets and the bands - hopefully, see you next year.
Dennis Yarwood ‘My Mad Dog Route’
Robert Taylor "Gerroff, itsth my thtick you weird looking dog."
Thank you Doggy Dudes…
You really are a mad pack!